AES Levant celebrating Three Million Man-hours without LTI


AES management is pleased to announce that AES Levant has completed Three Million Man-hours without LTI. It is another great achievement for the AES team and highest level of safety culture over such a long period of time, performed by the Jordan team. This major success was achieved in more than 3.5 years and started from the beginning of construction throughout operation phase.

AES Levant Jordan is a tri-fuel Engine with 241 MWH capacity power plant and since the beginning of construction by the EPC contract Wartsila in 18 months period of time it performed 2.6 million man-hours, approximately 1000 labor, as a Man-power without LTI. Even after AES Levant went into operation on the 11th of July 2014 and since that time AES Levant is operating the plant without LTI. This is a very significant milestone given the complexities of the project, the number of high-risk activities, the tie in aspects during focused outage periods and the high number of personnel that were on the project in the peak periods of time. During both phases – Construction and Operation, AES Jordan Team has enhanced the HSE policy among the team in a very short period of time, even though the majority of the staff was coming from different safety cultures of the Jordanian industrial sector.

Likewise AES Levant, AES Jordan PSC- Amman East, recently celebrated 9 years (about 5.83 million man hours) without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) ,also starting from day one of construction phase and moving on to the operation. The team at AES Jordan PSC- Amman East, achieved this milestone because of their commitment to adopt best practices and to continuously identify and mitigate all operational risks. By achieving this great success, AES Amman East prove high commitment towards AES safety beliefs by providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Following the AES’ main value to “Put Safety First”, both AES Jordan power plants rank as one of the safest places to work, not only in AES worldwide, but also in the Jordanian industrial sector. The amazing performance of total 12,000,000 Man-hours is a great achievement recorded by the Jordan teams, with a challenge of maintaining the same trend of working safely in order to ensure that AES Jordan has an Incident Free work environment. The future challenge for the both teams is to maintain and further improve its HSE Culture and to serve as a good example of perfection in safety performance to all of us.