AES Jordan celebrated the Arab Environment day


AES Jordan, part of the Europe SBU, celebrated the Arab Environment day and participated in planting trees and cleaning a camp as part of the Green Jordan initiative. This initiative was organized by Jordan Environment Society at Prince Hashem public forest in Amman.  The celebration was attended by the market business leader of Jordan Meftaur Rahman and other employees from the Jordanian power plants. During the celebration, AES MBL Meftaur Rahman sent a clear message for the importance of such voluntary events, related to the environment in the country and indicated that the biggest challenges the world faces at this time are the environmental challenges and the importance to preserve nature. Again, he explained that AES Jordan is looking forward to cooperate and support such environmental events and activities and serve its mission in increasing the environmental awareness for local communities.

In addition, Mr. Ali Frehat, the President of Jordan Environment Society, demonstrated his sincere gratefulness and appreciation to AES Jordan for its incredible sponsorship and participation in such environmental events. He also expressed satisfaction on the progress and assumed that our concerted efforts are a must to supplement global environment protection efforts and achieve cleaner and greener future for coming generations.