Sustainability : Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection


Understanding the environments in which we operate and committing to the development of energy solutions in an environmentally responsible manner are at the core of the corporate sustainability efforts at AES Jordan. Environmental stewardship and leadership are a key part of our business, and we strive for excellence in the environmental performance of every business we own. We go beyond simply meeting environmental standards, and we work to develop the right energy solutions for the markets in which we operate.

AES Jordan operates a Gas Turbine-based Combined Cycle 400 MW power plant and a tri-fuel Engine-based 241 MW power plant at the AL Manakher site, under the four environmental guidelines:

  • Meet or exceed the requirements of environmental rules and regulations imposed by local, regional and national government and by participating financial institutions.
  • Meet or exceed AES Jordan environmental standards set forth in its programs and policies and to any other subscribed international standard.
  • Plan and budget for investments that achieve sustainable environmental results by taking into account local, regional and global environment where the term “environment” is broadly defined as, “the external surrounding or condition within which people live, including ecological, economic, social and all other factors that determine quality of life and standard of living.”
  • Strive to continually improve environmental performance.

AES Jordan has established these guidelines to reflect its commitment to the environment as part of AES Jordan shared values. AES Jordan management developed a balanced approach to meet these guidelines; one that considers all environmental standards and requirements, as well as the needs of all stakeholders (including social and other needs of the local community)

You can find below the Environment Emergency Preparedness and Respons of the Power Plant:

Environment Emergency Preparedness and Response

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AES Jordan biodiversity Procedure

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