AES Jordan Values Day 2017


AES Values Jordan 1Again in 2017, AES Values day was celebrated globally all over the Eurasia region and the focus this year was on the newly adopted AES Value – Agility. Agility, as the value we create by moving quickly, anticipating opportunities, avoiding risk and changing direction when needed to grow in new ways and to serve our clients in the best way. Aligning with this trend, this year, AES management challenged its employees with the Moving with Agility Challenge, counting the footsteps that our employees take inside the business for four consecutive days before the celebration of Values day and donating its equivalent in money to the kids with special needs. AES Values Jordan 3

AES Jordan joined this idea and thirteen employees from the Jordanian team participated in the walking contest, and three of them scored over 30 000 feet, as a bench mark for the excellence and the diligence we demonstrate in what we do. The winners in the local walking contest were Ibrahim Arori, who won the first place of the competition with 39801 foot step for 4 days, followed by Khaled Qasem with 31863 footsteps and Muin Goma – 30531 footsteps for the same period of time.

AES Values Jordan 5  Along with the celebrations of the contest there was a group discussion session with the AES managing director in Jordan – Meftaur Rahman, where the meaning of each value was explained and how everyone practices it in completing our daily duties – including real examples from our day to day activities and previous experience in the company. But apart from these activities, the main highlight of the Values day celebrations in Jordan was the donation of winter clothes to the refugees children in need, in essence these were coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs for 120 kids in total – 50 in Amman and 70 in Zarqa city. There were two groups of AES employees each of 12 members, who were taking part in this socially responsible activity. This humanitarian act is another demonstration of our values and the importance to improve the environment of the areas where we operate. The significance for AES is in everyone’s efforts on Values day, to make it a special one for us all over the world.